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If you sacrificed during your service and feel you’ve lost something due to your disability, there is no need to suffer alone anymore. Let us help you go after the Veterans Affairs Disability benefits you deserve.

Kenny and Gene and are passionate about helping veterans; they are veterans themselves. They will work hard to help you.

Eugene Powell, COL, JAGC (US Army, Retired) is a retired Social Security Administration Judge and veteran of the Vietnam and Desert Shield / Storm eras.

Kenny Dojaquez, MAJ, AR (US Army, Retired) is an Iraq War veteran. Together they represent disabled veterans at all levels of the VA administrative process.

“Veterans are more than clients to us,” says Kenny. “We take their pain personally and work with compassion to help them because we’ve been there. We know what it’s like.”

“Helping veterans receive their disability benefits is the most rewarding legal process I have ever engaged in,” says Gene. “This is a very complex bureaucratic process and it can take decades to get your benefits. When you do win your case and begin receiving what you deserve, it is life changing on so many levels. There is finally peace and closure.”

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