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Has Your Social Security Disability Been Denied?

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According to the Social Security Administration, more than 60 percent of initial disability claims are denied. The average wait time from the date of application to the date of decision by an Administrative Law Judge is over two years. Those statistics are heartbreaking and discouraging when you are hurt, out of work and unable to meet your basic needs.

Don’t Give Up On Your Social Security Disability Benefits!

The good news is that a majority of those who appeal the denials and persist through the process will eventually be awarded benefits. Our attorneys can guide you through this process by filing timely appeals, gathering medical records and other supportive documentation, preparing you to testify at a hearing and advocating on your behalf before an Administrative Law Judge.

Find Help With Your Social Security Disability Claim

If you are considering applying for disability or have applied and not yet been turned down, give us a call so that we may answer any questions you have about the process.

If you have applied and been turn down within the last 60 days, we’d be happy to speak with you about scheduling a consultation. If you are waiting for a hearing date or if you have a hearing date scheduled, a dedicated Social Security Disability attorney at our firm can review a copy of your records at no charge.

If you choose us to represent you, we promise to be prepared and to do everything in our power to effectively advocate on your behalf. A lot of factors go into whether and when a person’s disability benefits are approved, and some of those factors are out of our control. However, we do promise to do everything in our power to advocate on your behalf.

While we can’t control everything about the process, there are steps we can take that will make it more likely that a case will be decided quickly and favorably:

      • Obtaining medical records and updates
      • Reviewing records for important test results and findings

Contact Bluestein Attorneys for Social Security Disability Claim Assistance

You have many options with respect to representation, but we think that you’ll be pleased with the assistance you will receive from the Social Security team at Bluestein Attorneys. Our attorney practices exclusively in the area of Social Security disability and brings experience and compassion to the table.

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